To my gentle participants,

You have been chosen out of countless candidates for this Experiment of epic proportions and dire consequences. You were not informed of the complete details, and this practice will continue, as it may impair the important calibrations of the Test Zone. As you will soon find out, or after you have found out if you are leisurely to find this correspondence, you have become the leaders of a small goblin tribe. This is Important. It is necessary for the Experiment that this goblin tribe flourishes and prospers over the next few months. You will also have found, unless the teleportation has also made you blind, a large Sphere near this correspondence. This is Important. The Sphere must remain with the goblin tribe for the Experiment to be successful. Defend it well.

It is important now that I list the Don’ts of the Experiment. Don’t leave the Test Zone. Don’t cast arcane magic around the Sphere. It is vital for this Experiment that the goblin tribe succeeds, if you were to leave, then the probability for failure would grow to 86.45%, and that is unacceptable. To assure this compliance this Experimenter placed a small loadstone in each of your bowels, if you were to leave the Test Zone these loadstones will expand then explode leading to a painful and very messy death. The Test Zone is marked on the map. The Sphere is a complex arcane device that has been carefully calibrated for the work that the Sphere needs to accomplish. Using thaumaturgy around the Sphere of any amounts could cause a plethora of problems for the caster and, more importantly, irreparably damage the Experiment.

Lastly let me cover the return of yourselves to your former visages. If the Experiment succeeds, that is the Important list is fulfilled, then you shall be un-polymorphed. You shall also receive monetary compensation if that is your wish.

The Experimenter is looking forward to watching your progress and perhaps working again with you in the future. Good Luck!


Ragash, MWaL, BAMP, PhT, 5-star chef (self proclaimed)

PS This correspondence will self destruct if put to the flame or left in the elements for about a week or so. It would be a shame, as it is on quite the fine paper and I spent a long time composing it.

Chieftains of the Goblin Tribe